Learning Lessons Through Adventures- Ritesh’s Pangarchulla Trek With Thrillophilia

Learning Lessons Through Adventures- Ritesh’s Pangarchulla Trek With Thrillophilia

I was not a regular trekker.

I am a businessman who sells rucksacks and trekking equipment. It is a family business that I never wanted to leave, as my father has always taught me that for great adventures, we need great support.

Our family business gives that much-needed support.

But, meeting passionate trekkers and adventure enthusiasts almost every single day, around 3 years ago I suddenly had this urge to go for a backpacking trek. There is a short yet interesting backstory to that-

One mundane morning I was just setting up the new arrivals in the shop and there came a girl. She wanted to buy trekking shoes. It was her first time going trekking and she wanted some help regarding what kind of a shoe would be best. Curious, I asked what trek it was and she said it was the Sandakphu Trek. After she left, I googled the place and the details of the trek, my mind was blown away. Such beauty, and such preparations for walking that undulating route….but oh my god the views!

Since then, I have not stopped. Yes, the first few treks almost knocked the breath out of me, but I loved the sense of achievement and the relief that comes after completing a trek. It provides you with a kind of euphoria that the world’s best raves can't.

So, this year, I planned to go for the Pangarchulla trek. It is considered to be a moderate-difficult level trek and I knew that I had to prepare well. While wondering and searching which would be the best possible way to plan the trip, one of our regular customers arrived. I knew he worked in Thrillophilia, and I also knew that the company is great at organising treks. I told him about my plan to go to Pangarchulla and he immediately gave me the number of one of his friends who was an expert in the niche.

His name was Pradeep. After having a conversation with him about the inclusions and the itinerary, I confirmed the booking. His attention to detail was so on-point, that there was no hassle understanding the plan, and the entire picture of the journey was clear to me. I was to leave the next month, and he suggested that I do some particular exercises to keep up with the difficult terrain.

The test of nature
After we met our driver and our trek leader at Rishikesh, we went straight to Joshimath. From there the trek would start from Dhak village. It was my first time trekking in Uttarakhand, and I did not know what to expect.

We had a few stops- Dhak village- Gulling Top-Khullara Top- Kuari Pass-back to Khulara and then finally, to the Pangarchulla summit. I was truly excited about this adventure, and since the group of trekkers in my batch were mostly experienced, I had a feeling that this experience would be completely different.

Our trek started with a bang, the first hour being quite difficult. But as we gained pace and got accustomed to the terrain, the landscapes started to change… from remote settlements to thick forests to meadows surrounded by tall pine and deodar trees. And with the background of the Himalayas, it all seemed too unreal to be true.

On the way, our trek leaders were telling us about the vegetation here, about the different medicinal plants that grow, and the kinds of birds that can be seen in different seasons. Yes, each season brings its own charm to a place and changes its entire ambience.

Our camp stays were very comfortable, with clean sleeping bags and all necessary equipment like water supply, first-aid kits, and washroom tents. Also, we had people who would cook healthy food and serve it hot to us. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all were delicious, fueling us for the next day.

On the way to the Pangarchulla summit
The main motive for going on treks or any kind of adventure is much more precious than experiencing thrill. It is about responding to yourself and widening your perspective. It enhances your survival instincts.

The walk to the Pangarchulla summit was harder than I expected. The scenery transformed from green and white to entirely white…it was almost difficult to see. I could only distinguish the sky from the peaks, and the scarcely placed black patches of rocks here and there. After a while, trekking through the powdery snow, I could hear my heartbeat. There was no sweat, but I could feel the waning stamina in my nerves, my legs were moving mechanically and my core hurt immensely. I was just following our trek leader, taking turns and steps as he was…

And then, I looked up to the sky once…and there it was! The Pangarchulla summit! I made it!!!

All the pain and hurt was gone. A sense of immense satisfaction and achievement filled my bones.

Our team unfurled the Indian flag, and we were all shouting “woohoo” out of excitement. Hearing back the echo of our own voices was the celebration!

That day I learnt, that the harder the road, the better the reward!

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